Saturday, June 24, 2006

The I see it!

I know, I know, THREE blogs in ONE day....sheesh, I need to get a life! Well, I doubt that I will blog tomorrow, and maybe I'll even take Monday off! It was such a lovely day here today that I took a walk around the house and garden and snapped a few pics to share. Here they are:

I rise at about 6:30 every morning and journal for about a half hour at our breakfast table, enjoying a cup of tea.....and this beautiful view. Of course, the sun is just rising then and there is usually a bit of steam coming up from the lake. This morning there were a pair of wood ducks dabbling at the shoreline and a mama Mallard and her five ducklings. Just before I snapped this picture, "Big Blue", our resident Great Blue Heron flew off. We often have two bunnies feeding in the grass at sunrise. It is truly paradise.

This is my view from my sewing machine...same lake, different sewing room! The shrubs in front of the window include wild flame azaleas and rhododendron, which have already finished blooming. Craig keeps the bird feeder filled and I have a wonderful assortment of feathered friends keeping me company all day, plus a darling little chipmunk. Don't you just love the bird feeder holder? It was a gift from my good friend Jane. Jane, I still love it!!!!

This wonderful garden trough was a birthday gift from my great friend Joan. She made it!!! It came complete with a couple of statuary frogs, deer, a wheelbarrow and the little bird bath you see in the corner. I planted the caladium bulbs this spring and they have given me lots of joy as I've watched them sprout and grow. The impatiens, however, are leaving me impatient!! The are not blooming like I want them to....maybe too much TLC, as I water and feed them constantly! I dunno........

Well, our photo session is over for today....blogger has decided that it's a three pic maximum night, so go figure! I think I may be on my way to typepad!!


Eva said...

When I see your "window-view" I get flash backs and is thinking of Maria and my visit to you and Craig in Nov 1999.
Wonderful view!
If I remember right, the name of the lake is Knickerbocker(?)
XO Eva

Anonymous said...

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