Tuesday, July 18, 2006

and More!!!

OK, OK, I know you've probably had enough, but this guy really captured my heart! Here we are looking at his wonderfully carved wares (see the blog below for the beginning of this little saga!). His shop is not very fancy and his pieces are definitely folk art, but they are wonderful!!!

Here he is explaining the story behind the "headless Padre" to my sister-in-law Molly. She and my brother-in-law Chris are real admirers of local folk art, having an entire room in their home dedicated to the stuff. It is like going into a museum. Molly purchased the Padre...hope he and his head made it back to Riverside in two pieces, Moll! Look at the wonderful masks this guy has carved!

His animals are great too!

I particularly liked this dragonfly perched on the hibiscus leaf.

In yesterday's blog I made mention of my two favorite birds that we saw while birding earlier that morning in the Arenal area. In case you would like to see photos, they are the Red-legged honeycreeper and the Green Honeycreeper. Enjoy!!
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