Sunday, July 16, 2006

More Scenes from Tortuguero

The Hibiscus were everywhere, and they were beautiful!
There just may be a hibiscus scarf or two in my future!

We took a long and hot walk on the beach one afternoon in Tortuguero. The sharks are too prevalent and the undertow too strong for swimming in this part of the Caribbean (although we did see one young native taking a dip...and his life in his own hands). So we all toddled back to the refreshing pool at the Laguna Lodge. That night we went out with our guide and actually got to see a green turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs.

This is a scene from the Tortuguero church. I just love the windows, don't you?

The Laguna Lodge walkways were heavily decorated with mosaics of local flora and fauna. I love mosaics and will be a mosaic artist in my next life, thanks to the influences of my sister-in-law Molly and also Niki de Saint Phalle and her Nanas!!!
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ACey said...

You know, I have this ambition to learn Italian specifically so I can go to Ravenna for one of their world-renown mosaic workshops ...

Really special about the turtle laying her eggs, too!