Monday, July 17, 2006

Faded Memories

Help! The memories are starting to fade just a bit, and I don't want that to happen!! We spent a wonderful two days and nights at Volcano Lodge near Arenal Volcano. Here she is just a perkin' away, as seen from our little sitting area outside of our room.
Both mornings Craig and I rose at about 5:30 and enjoyed juice and coffee sitting on our little veranda, while we watched the birds. We could hear the howler monkeys in the background, and enjoyed watching Arenal smoking away. On our first morning, there was a neighbor's cow roaming through the gardens. There sits Craig in one of the typical local rockers.

Arenal is picking up steam later in the day. We had returned from a birding adventure to have lunch and take in the semi finals of World Cup Soccer.

And here was part of the birding group earlier in the morning. I think Sergio was checking out the wild turkeys (Crested Guans) in his spotting scope. From left to right, you see Craig Carpenter, Peggy Carpenter, Molly Carpenter, our guide Sergio, Jacinto Esteban, Chris Carpenter and Carol Carpenter this a reunion or what???? Alvaro, our driver, is birding from the top of the bus. I think we picked off 16 new birds that morning, including the incredibly beautiful Red-Legged Honeycreeper and the Green Honeycreeper...they are awesome!!! Posted by Picasa


Rayna said...

My goodness, you lead an exotic life! I have loved reading your adventures, Judy.

Eva said...

How wonderful for Craig to have so many relatives around him on your South American journey.
The Arenal Volcano looks very powerful and "ready" to spew out its lava.
XO Eva