Friday, August 25, 2006

878 Days to go

We are at the condo today and our laptop won't let me download any pictures from my camera to blogger for some strange reason, so I've found another way of making a more photogenic blog.

My Bush Countdown tells me that we have only got 878 more, seems like FOREVER to me!!!

So, I thought I'd brighten our 878th day with a few humorous photos! If the state of the world wasn't so sad, it would be humorous, wouldn't it?

and lastly, here's one for Pixie:


ACey said...

my husband swears gw is going to declare martial law and refuse to leave office.

Sure hope that's nothing but a morbid fear ...

Pixie said...

For me? Ohhh, aren't the fabulous? I'm laughing out loud. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
love Pixie

Gerrie said...

Funny pictures. A woman from Belgium e-mailed this:

I have a small question. I just look at your blog. It is the first time I see a clock concerning the last days of President Bush at the White House.
Is this a kind of joke made by people who would like to have another president or is it the regret of people of know that after 8 years, it will be the end of it ?

I e-mailed her back and said it is not joke to me and it is certainly not a regret! She e-maioled back how much she and her fellow citizens despise him.

800+ days is a ong time for hime to get in trouble.

Maria said...

I think the rest of the world is also eagerly awaiting a new american president! =)