Saturday, August 26, 2006

Good Morning and Merry Christmas! it that time already?
Well no, but my buddy Bobbie sent me this yesterday and said I needed to put it on my blog:
Click here: Merry Christmas
It'll get you prepared anyway....and hopefully not depressed!

Ahhhh, that snow looks good after walking Barker this morning in warm and extremely humid Atlanta!

OK, enough silliness for one day! I'm off to check my lottery tickets...what in the world would I ever do with $60 million anyway????

What would you do with it? Let me know!!


Eva said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!!!
Four month to Christmas, well that's only a couple of eye blinks away ;-)

What would I do with §60 million?

At first I would give my children a big part of the money.
Second I probably would come and visit you ;-)
Then I would like to bye me a NEW smaller house in just one level, no basement or stairs. A house where I can get old and take care of my self as long as possible without problem.
Reserch projects in cancer would also get a big part of the money
if I won §60 million!!
xo Eva

Pixie said...

Well I'd come visit for a start, and we could discuss this in depth over a good NZ Sav Blanc of course.

ACey said...

studio space for both me and my husband - here at home and also in Cambridge Mass and lower Manhattan. A really nice, super deluxe crash pad in the Berkeley hills. Something Italian both in the countryside and Rome.

Also plenty of goodwill charity donations, etc. Plus the 1976 white Jaguar Xj6 of my lifelong dreams ... 3 paid assistants, and assorted gardeners, to help me manage my life and the gazillions of beautiful flowers it would hold.

Judy said...

Eva...hope you win the lottery soon so that you can come for a visit!!!
Acey...hope I win the lottery soon, so that I can visit you in one of your new abodes after you win the lottery!!!