Wednesday, August 30, 2006

High Highlights

This display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta always reminds me of my friend
Gerrie who sent me the wonderful "Trois Poires" fiberart postcard on my birthday. These fruit are the size of large children or mini adults, and if you look carefully you can see that some in the background are sitting on a plate with a knife closeby, ready to be sliced and enjoyed!

This magnificently gigantic piece hits you as you walk off of the elevator on the second floor. It reminds me of a log cabin quilt, done Freddy Moran-style. Look:

can you see that the "sashing" on these pieces of canvas are all in black and white, as are the little squares in between some of the blocks!

I like this piece of "protractors", but I think I would have made them even brighter...and maybe swapped out the grey and lavender with some black and white polka dots. What do you think?

Speaking of protracors, here is one of my favorites by Roy Lichtenstein. There is a series of ten by Roy on this wall, and I spend a lot of time admiring them.

Here's another in that series.

Well, the blogger police have caught up with more photos for today, but I did get to post more than my usual 3-4! HA!!!

Last night we went to the Braves/San Fran Giants game at the Ted with our friends Joe and Sue. We had a great time, in spite of the heat and humidity. Barry Bonds hit two homeruns and Shea Hillenbrand hit one for the Giants. Andruw Jones also hit two homers (and drove in his 1,000th rbi!), Chipper hit one and Adam LaRoche hit one. Did I leave anybody out? The Bravos ended up winning with a final score of something like 12-7....a real pitcher's duel, as Craig would say!! We didn't get home until almost 12:30, so I am slowly getting my act together this morning.....yawn!