Monday, September 04, 2006

Floppy Poppies

I've been working on a piece for a benefit auction for the local Aids Alliance group. Here is where I started:

I had originally thought that I would make the flowers in all different colors, but then when I got them on the fabric, I didn't like the effect...waaay too busy. So, I opted for these in the red/orange color range. While the majority of the fabrics are my hand-dyes, the striped one in the middle is from a man's shirt I found at a thrift shop in Atlanta. I loved the colors in it, but the cashier was shocked when he learned that I intended to cut it up for quilts!!! Anyway, then I wasn't sure that I liked the blue background so much, so I changed it to turquoise and this is what happened:

The border is a bit wider than it appears here, but I was having trouble snapping a pic without Barker getting totally in front of my "masterpiece". I had thought of calling this "Freddy's Floppy Poppies" but since not everyone knows Freddy Moran, I decided the name might be lost on this one.

At this point, it was definitely "Barker's Floppy Poppies", but no..........!

We are granddog sitting for Marley Curylo this week while Kristin and Dave are out west checkin' out the Grand Canyon, a bit of Denver and then attending one of her sorority sisters' weddings in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska. Marley is a good dog, and he and Barker get along well together, as you can plainly see:

Barker has decided to take control of things here, by pinning Marley's favorite toy under his leg. I'm sure that didn't just happen....they are always trying to one up eachother!

It's a coolish low 70's here this morning, so I am off to spend a few hours in my garden....and then I'll finish quilting the floppy poppies!



Gerrie said...

I love how the poppies ended up - good design choices.

Karoda said...

hey, i found your blog again via Gerrie's list on her blog.

You use to be Hen Scratchings...right? anyways, the poppies are cool.