Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pillow Talk

Well, FINALLY!!! I've got just a few pillow pictures to share, plus a whole heck of a lot of other pics....golly moses, it's been about FIVE days since I've been able to post a photo!!!

Here we have the first trio...the rooster is one that I painted several months ago using Tinfix dyes. He's actually quite handsome all my his own self, but he seems to behave best between these two...kind of like an unruly child sitting between his parents in church, don't you think!!! Done in lucious silk hemp, the "parent pillows" were fun to utilize some thread play techniques. I have a new presser foot, called a fringe foot, which I used to make the wide stitching. This foot used to be used to make tailor's tacks, but now it is being put to use for decorative stitching. The narrower lines were constructed by covering gimp.

The first pillow here is one that I dyed last year, using a Dharma pillow form of silk habotai and Procion MX dyes. The middle pillow was a lovely gift from our friends Sam and Jane, when they returned from Thailand. Nice, huh!! The last is one that I made by dyeing old Damask napkins that were rescued from my mother's trash when she last downsized. Thanks, Mom!!!

These gals are all from old Damask napkins. I'm really in love with the front one, but then the raspberry one gives me a thrill too!

Here's a closeup of the dyed Damask...isn't it wonderful? If you have some old Damask napkins hanging around, dye them up! You'll love them!!

OK, that's it for now...I'm a bit happier!!!


Gerrie said...

I'm digging out the old napkins - I know I have some from my MIL someplace!

Anonymous said...

Want to make me some???

Judy said...

Dear Anonymous....I would LOVE to!!