Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Read no more if you're faint of heart, as this gets rather racy!!! HA!! Last night, I must confess, I was seduced....and by a woman, no less! It was all very wonderful and I will carry this luscious memories with me to my death! Anyway, as I told you yesterday, my quilting buds Donna, Emily, and Jane gifted me with the new Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston book, "Collaborative Quilting". So, I spent the evening with both Freddy and Gwen, although being such a HUGE Freddy Fan, I'll have to admit that I pretty much raced through Gwen's part of the book (yes, I will go back and give it another read too) and then just drooled over Freddy's quilts, her home and her pearls of wisdom! If you haven't gotten the book yet, I highly recommend it. I googled Freddy this morning and found some wonderful photographs here. Gregory Case did all of the photography for the new book, and he has added these photos on the web site. Enjoy!!

I did have a great dyeing session yesterday morning, but look who else did:

Barker is definitely my dyeing dog, but he got just a tad bit too close to the dye pots yesterday!!

Yes, I know, there are a few beggar's lice on that paw too...but he's 100% boy, so what else would you expect!

I'll close with this one last picture of a Midtown Atlanta Rose of Sharon:

Ah, but no, the devil is making me do this:

Before we purchased our Midtown condo, I never would have believed that one could happen upon a picket fence and a gorgeous rose right there in the city!! I just love that part of town!!!

Bye for now!

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Gerrie said...

In April, Maggie got splattered with natural egg dyes. It took several days for it to disappear. I love the Freddi. She has recently lost quite a bit of weight and looks fab in her signature red glasses.

We have two Rose of Sharon shrubs in our yard. A nice surprise this month.