Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Old Friends....

......sat on a park bench like bookends". Remember that old Simon and Garfunkle tune? One of my favorites!
Well, anyway, I had lunch today with two of my old quilting buds, Emily and Jane. We have gone to Sisters together (along with Emily's sister-in-law Donna) for many years, and this year I didn't get to go because C and I went to Costa Rica instead. Of course, this was the year that my idol Freddy Moran was back in Sisters teaching. Wouldn't you know!!! So, this is what the girls brought me:

I intend to devote some time to visiting with Freddy (and Gwen) this afternoon! What fun!! I just love the cover, don't you?

In yesterday's mailbag I found these:

Ordinarily, the Chico's catalogue would be my first choice, but with Quilting Arts arriving the same day, you know what got opened first! I will save the Keepsake Quilting and Cooking Light for another day!

It's hot and humid here again today. I got in a good dyeing session this morning and will do some more "work" this afternoon. When I went off to lunch, I left a ton of dyed pieces in the yard outside of my studio...it was clear and sunny, so what the heck. I had a few errands to run after lunch and when I came out of one store, it was thundering like crazy...great! So I barrelled back across town to home, nearly mowing down the slow pokes in front of me, and grabbed the cottons and silks just as the heavens broke open. Phew!! They were already dry, so probably the rain would have done nothing but maybe add a bit more interest...but I didn't want to chance it.

OK, I'm off to spend a minute or two with Freddy!


Gerrie said...

I'm jealous. It will be a month before I get Quilting Arts.

Pixie said...

ahh, some lunch buddies of your own! thanks for your sweet comment. Made me cry, which is a good thing! I'm off to check out the quilting arts site and that new mag.