Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday Soup

I was intrigued by an article in the September issue of House Beautiful. Devon S. Fredericks described how she makes "Farmer's Market Soup" using the leftover contents of her fridge on a weekly basis. So last night after dinner I got busy pulling all of the small containers of bits of chicken, beans, summer squash, onion halves, know, you've got 'em too....and then I dumped them all into a large saucepan and started them simmering. There wasn't a lot of color, so I opened a large tin of tomatoes. After a couple of hours I went back to take a peak and here's what I had:

Oh yes, there's a bit of sweet potato, spinach, parsley and okra in there too! Doesn't it look yummy? Devon says she "dresses the soup up" a bit by adding croutons, olive oil and grated Parmesan...sounds delish, doesn't it? So, that may just be my answer to "What's for dinner?" this evening...with some French bread and a spinach salad, that oughta just do the trick!

I'll close with a couple of scenes from yesterday's Midtown walk. First, the funky folk art yard:

You may be thinking, "What neighbor wants to live cheek by jowel with this person?", but it seems to work in Midtown. The nextdoor neighbors aren't quite as artsy fartsy, but they are trying!!!

This is the cover of a paperback in the window at Outwrite bookstore at the corner of Piedmont and 10th St. In light of Gerrie and my fish wallhangings, I thought it was appropriate to post.

OK, I'm off for a busy day.....enjoy yours!

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Gerrie said...

It isn't soup weather yet, but Steph and I are planning every other week soup making and then sharing. I love to make soup out of what I have on hand.