Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Going Cuckoo

OK, I've decided to have a little reader input session here. We'll call it "Name That Bird". The idea is, you submit some names for the below wall hanging, and I'll choose one. No, there is no prize (but I will divulge the lucky winner's name, if you so desire!)...I just need your help! So please don't be shy! There are a lot of folks who visit my blog, but rarely does anyone but Gerrie leave a comment. Thankfully Gerrie is kind enough to leave comments or else I'd feel like I was just talking to myself!! Come on that bird!!!

So, here is the bird in question:

This is another wallhanging inspired by our recent trip to Costa Rica. All of the fabrics are my hand dyed silk, but the background I had a bit of trouble getting just the right color, so I first painted it with Pebeo Setacolor and then over dyed that. I had heard somewhere that painted fabrics wouldn't work with Wonder Under, but I have had no problem. I am having a terrific time thread painting on this one. There are three colors Sulky Sliver in the bird, to allow for a little more shading.

These are two pictures I took outside of the President's Gallery at Brenau University yesterday afternoon. I just love the architecture. The building on the far left (you can see it better in the second photo) houses the Pearce Auditorium where we have attended many a concert, ballet recital and musical. Brenau began as a women's college but is now coed. They also offer a program for seniors, Brenau University Learning and Leisure Institute or BULLI. C takes many classes there, and I am about to begin some conversational Spanish.

OK, I'm off to do a bit of shopping and can hardly wait to get home and get busy on my bird. Any ideas for names? I'm sorta stuck on this one.


Anonymous said...

How about a Chinese name for your Chin Tu Fat?
Hey, do you really post your blog at 4:56 a.m? Amazing.
Sister-in-law Carol

Eva said...

Hi Judy!
I'm right now at my web design class and thought that I would look at your blog before we end for the day at 10.30.
Well, a name for your bird...hum.

"Bird Fantasy"
"Parrot in my mind"
"Parrot Fantasy"
"Exotic Bird"

Well, I've no fantasy, but hope that this will give you some help on the way ;-)

Maria said...

How about a Swedish name for your parrot, like the word "Papegoja"?! Which happens to mean parrot! =)hihi!


Judy said...

Ohhhhh, Maria, I like it a lot!!! Papegoja may just be it....but how does one pronouce it? LOL

Pixie said...

Oh I was going to say "perky pinky" but I like papegoja too.
That gets my vote.

Pixie said...

Oh I was going to say "perky pinky" but I like papegoja too.
That gets my vote.

Eva said...

I also like Papegoja. We use to name the parrot "Ara" in our crosswords. Maybe you know that word?
xo Eva