Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fallin' Back

We've had a restful day of just hangin' out with the boys (dogs, that is) in the city. We walked our four mile route early this morning and it was grey, windy and quite chilly. After a leisurely couple of hours of reading, we loaded everybody into the car and started making our rounds about town: MetroFresh for our Metrofreshual Saturday soup lunch, Breadgarden for homemade wholewheat sourdough, the thrift shop for bargain beautiful silks and Egyptian cottons, Intown Quilters for their fq sale, the supermarket for provisions, and then home for a late lunch. After a nice nap, it was time to get the boys out into the park.

It must be Autumn in the Southland: the pansies have been planted and these babies will be bringing us pleasure for the next six months.

Look at this beautiful Great Dane puppy quenching his thirst at the water fountain! Remind me not to partake of those waters!!!!

Just a hint of Fall color in the trees in Piedmont Park.

I do love that Midtown skyline!

This picturesque fountain stands in front of some new condos right next to the park. It wasn't until I got home and looked at the pictures that I saw that lovely orange construction fence in the background! If I'd only brought my scissors I could have taken a snip or two for my silkscreening! Oh time!

The Piedmont Park you think they'd miss this section of the gate if I borrowed it to use as a stencil??? Hmmmmmm........................

My Yellow Jackets beat Miami this's been a wonderful Saturday...hope yours has been too!


Rayna said...

Ah, Judy, your blog is so interesting it puts mine to shame.
Loved finally catching up with your adventures these last few days. Told 'ya that Mingei was a treasure trove! Can't wait to see what you do with those tjaps. And once again - your batik'd shirt is great.

Cold and rainy here and I'm not sure which is worse - waking up in the dark or driving home in the dark at 4:00.

Gerrie said...

We now have two great danes as neighbors. I think the bigger a dog is, the more stupid!! Except for poodles. Everyone knows, they are the smartest dogs, except for JR's -ha!!

I envy your day in the city - sounds loverly.