Friday, October 27, 2006

Silk Painters of Atlanta

This morning dawned dark and rainy in northeast Georgia. Have I told you how ready I am to be back on Eastern Standard Time? My body wakes up at 6:30 AM, but my mind says it can't be so, as it is still pitch black outside. I sometimes fall back to sleep, but most often I get up and do a bit of journaling before C and Barker rise. It's so peaceful at that hour....but it sure is dark! AND, it's too darned cold and black to go out and walk!! I do miss my sunrise walks with Barker Baby!! Sunday morning we'll finally get some relief!!!

Today was the monthly meeting of the Silk Painters of Atlanta group, so after breakfast C, Barker and I packed our bags and headed off to the big city. Poor Barker didn't know that we would also be dogsitting for his little Beagle nephew Marley over the weekend. It's so hard being an only doggy, especially when your space is invaded by another dog, and a hyper Beagle-type, at that!

Due to inclement weather, several of our group members stayed home, but a few of us gathered to share our work over the past month, new techniques that we have learned, and any news of shows, classes, etc. I brought along several pieces from my week of classes with Rayna Gillman, Gail Racey shared upcoming events in the Atlanta area (you heard it here first: Susan Moyer is returning next Fall!!!), and Martha Andreatos had several gorgeous scarves for us to ogle. Here are two. (I hope that Blogger will allow you to enlarge them by clicking on the image.)

I love the varying colors in the background of this silk charmeuse scarf, and the playfulness of the sunflowers.

Texas Bluebonnets

I had promised several photos over the past week and when it came time to adding them to my blog, Senor Blogger was reluctant to comply, so the following post is a bit of a photo album from those days both at John C. Campbell and beyond. Enjoy!

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