Wednesday, October 25, 2006

For Art's Sake

Yesterday afternoon, C and I had a lovely drive through the country over to Athens, Georgia to visit with his cousins, Heather and Scott. Scott is a Philosphy Professor at UGA and Heather is retired from the Women's Studies Program, but I digress. As if my day wasn't already "made" by driving through the picturesque campus of the University of Georgia in Scott's jet black Ferrari, but we then viewed the new exhibits at the Georgia Museum of Art, first taking in the quilts of the mid twentieth century of Georgia. There is a knockout Crazy Quilt that greeted us as we entered the room. But further along, my heart was captured by c. 1850 silk presentation quilt.

This is the best I could do to photograph it, but you get the general idea. The colors are still so vibrant that I just wonder how bright it must have been when it was first constructed!
Of course I wasn't able to use my flash, so the colors are a bit distorted and more yellowed. But you can see that this was and still is a remarkable piece.

Here are a couple of pics of the individual blocks:

We next viewed the works of artist Art Rosenbaum, who was born in the U.S. in 1938 and now resides in Athens. His pieces are very colorful and incorporate many highly stylized scenes from the surrounding area. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing his murals and could have spent hours examining the details.

Later we met up with Letty Smith, another of C's cousins, for dinner. It was a fun family get together, for no other reason than to simply enjoy one another's company (i.e.: no wedding, no funeral, no holiday!). Thanks guys, I enjoyed it!

I didn't quite finish posting pics from my class with Rayna Gillman at John C. Campbell Folk School. So hopefully Blogger will allow another couple of photos.

Ah, no, not today....well, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow. I also have a couple of pictures from the fabulous wedding we attended last weekend in Atlanta, so stay tuned for more! Afer all, I'm BACK!!!!

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Eva said...

Hi Judy and welcome back to Blogger :-)
THIS looks very nice. Pure and simple with the white background. I'd problem before to read your site because of the black background and white letters.
My eyes are getting old :-/


P.S. Have you seen the sign on my website? I told Signe about it and she wasn't surprised at all. She said that there are raspberries that are called "autumn raspberry". Did you know that?