Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jacket du Jour

Here's Thursday's jacket.....I know it's Saturday, but I'm a bit behind in my picture posting.

Last night Craig and I went out for Mexican with our friends Barbara and Chuck and then we all went to "movie night" at our church. Our friend Bob was showing "Inherit the Wind" with Spencer Tracy and a cast of thousands that you would recognize and know. We had a great time. Afterwards, we slipped over into the gallery, which was closed, and added the new plum jacket to my display. This afternoon one of my church friends called to say that she fell madly in love with it and wanted it but was afraid it would be too small, so she bought two more scarves instead (she's already bought two last Sunday)! Yeah!!! I have ideas on another friend that will be entranced by the jacket....let's see if she bites!! Tomorrow I will stop by the gallery store after church and check my inventory and sales. This morning a friend of a friend called to invite me to be in a Christmas show the first weekend in December. Crazily I said yes, but now I am thinking that my stash pile is low and I'll have to get busy and order more from Dharma and get dyeing! Oh darn!!! I just hate that! LOL I already committed to teaching and another sale in Atlanta that weekend, so I'll have to enlist someone to babysit my booth here in Gainesville. Mama said there'd be days like this, and I'm not complaining!!!

Our daughter Kristin and her husband Dave have come home this evening. One of Kristin's high school friends is getting married, so they are attending. Tomorrow morning we will all go to church together and then out to lunch. It's always so nice to have K & D here. So many of our friends ask after her at church, so it will be fun for her to see them again, since they've known her since she was itty bitty. Our beagle granddog Marley is also here to visit. As I write, he and Barker and curled up next to eachother, sound asleep. Awwwwwwwww

OK, it's toddy time, so I'll sign off for today.

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