Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's in my Mailbox???

I was thrilled to find this in my mailbox yesterday:

It seemed like I had ordered it absolute eons ago, so what a very pleasant surprise!!

And then here was an even better surprise:

When I finally sat down to peruse "Creative Quilting" last evening, there to my delight was the work of my friend Gerrie! WooHoo...way to go Gerrie!!! Actually, I remember when you blogged that your pieces were being photographed and added to the book, but it was so great to actually see them!!!

Here is Gerrie's second piece, an art quilt of her granddaughter, the lovely Mia, blowing bubbles:

I'm so impressed!!!!

Today is my big brother David's birthday. If my calculations are correct, he is celebrating the big 6-0 today, since he was born in 1946! Oh, and I am emphasizing the word big because he is older than I am...just in case you didn't catch that! So happy birthday David, even though I doubt that you read my blog!!!

So, I'm off to do the happy dance for both my friend Gerrie and my bigger and older brother David. May you both enjoy your day!!!

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