Friday, November 17, 2006

Time Flies

Where does the time go? I've just resigned up with the QA group on line, figuring I was woman enough to handle all of those emails, but alas, I believe I was underestimating those gals once again! mailbox is overflowing with posts just since I emptied it last night! When do these folks get to do their work??? I dunno, but maybe someone will clue me in!!

I spent a bit of time playing with my tjaps in the studio the other day. Here are a few of my pieces:

I've always been a sucker for blue!

Don't know if you can see it, but there are two roosters in the center of this piece. I have a never ending love affair with most foul, so when I found these two roosters bosom to bosom on this tjap, I just had to have it!!

In this piece, I was playing around with getting "almost black"....I'm "almost there"!!! I do love m turtle tjap and have a lot of orders for turtle tees for Christmas gifts this year....hooray, more permission to play!!!

I dyed the background of this piece with a bunch of pastels, then stamped on my fish and then overdyed with, of course, blue! This piece looks better in person.

I'm on a mad hunt for Citra Sol...or is it Citrusolve or Citrusol????? Anyway, Rayna said that she gets it at Costco, but ours doesn't have it. I found it on Amazon last night, but the shipping is exorbitant, so I want to find it locally. Anybody have any ideas? Two of our local janitorial supply services has something called "Conquest". Does anybody know if this works the same way??

I am venturing out in the cooking department and tonight we'll be having Shrimp with Yellow Curry....YUMMA!!! I'm on a hunt for a good recipe with lots of veggies in it. Today will be fun....I'm off to visit my Mom, go to the gym (well, that won't actually be fun, but it will be nice to have behind me!) and then I have meeting my best bud Joanie for lunch at the new 2 Dog, affectionately known as the New Dog.

Have a great day!


Karoda said...

Try a full service health food grocer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like Karoda said_ Whole Foods or some such health food type place. But don't imbibe it!!

Anonymous said...

Love your latest pieces...and yes, I am partial to blues, too.


Rayna said...

Judy, I get Citrasolv at Whole Foods. Costco does not, indeed, carry it.

Good grief, girl - you are going nuts with those tjaps! I think you are addicted. The work looks beautiful and I envy you the opportunity to work in your studio.
I am finally catching up with your blog today, would you believe? I see how much I have missed.