Saturday, December 02, 2006

Double Synchronicity

Today was Day One of the Artists' Sale at Intown Quilters. I set up my table of hand-dyed fat quarters and half yards yesterday afternoon and went on back to the condo. C and I went out to see "10 Items or Less", the new Morgan Freeman movie, at Midtown Arts....a light and very "feel good" flick. We watched "The Professional" last night, courtesy of NetFlix. But that wasn't what I wanted to tell you about!!! I had an email this morning from Sarah at Intown Quilts, telling me that she wanted to move my table as she thought it would just "fit better" in a different locale. That was fine with me. So, when I got there, I found myself and my "stuff" next to these lovely young ladies:

I know, I know, they look like a couple of hoodlums, don't they? Well, looks can be very deceiving, and in this particular case, they were. Patty (l) and Chris (r) are actually quite tolerable!! We had a wonderful time together, and shared a lot of laughs. Patty does wonderful mosaics (you can see a couple of her mosaic picture frames to Chris' left) and Chris is a quilter, amongst other things (I can't tell you everything right here, now can I??). Chris made the great "potholder on a stick" with the Kaffe Fassett fabric that you seeing hanging on the wall. We had so much in common that it was almost eerie....and laugh - we laughed so hard about the craziest things! So, tomorrow we go back for more fun and games! If you are in the neighborhood of the North Dekalb Mall, come by Intown Quilters on Mistletoe (or is it Misteltoe?) and check us out!

One of our customers at the sale was the lady below wearing this most ingenious holiday sweatshirt. I just have to make a few of these! Unfortunately we all were having such a good laugh that I couldn't hold my camera still to take the pics....but you get the idea!

OK, we are off to dinner and another "Atlanta adventure"...I'll report back tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Girl,

You are TOO funny. I can't believe I've been launched into blog-land!!

Looking forward to more wild adventures.


Kris Khan said...

I had a blast with you, Judy! Thanks for introducing me to the world of blogs. I made a "harmonic convergence" quilt with your hand-dyes......I'll show it to you over coffee.


Karoda said...

hey, and all that fun sober! glad you having a great time and that safety pin tree is a hoot!