Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Gift of Music

I've gotta tell ya, C and I have some wonderful friends! We were the recipients of two guest passes to the Dixie Chicks show at Philips Arena in Atlanta last Saturday night!!!! I was so excited about going, but I didn't want to say anything on my blog, thinking that somehow I might jinx it!!! They put on a great show and our seats were incredible. My friend Ellene's son Ken is the chief rigger for the Chicks, among other high profile groups, and so when Ellene asked me if I'd like some tickets, I said yes, but really thought that I might be dreaming or hearing things. Not!!!

Our condo is about two blocks from the Marta station, so we walked there after a light dinner at
Little Azio's, hopped on a train and in about 15 minutes we were in the arena. The opening act was just finishing up, and we enjoyed watching Ken's crew put the final touches on the set for the Chicks. Understandably, Natalie was quite tame, but their voices were as true and their music as wonderful and lively as ever. The arena was pretty packed, and I'm so glad that the current administration hasn't been able to totally silence those of us who respect freedom of speach, world peace, intelligent leadership, peace, and yes, PEACE!!!

I have decided that I will turn my silk scraps into Holiday cards this year. I did a demo on fiber embellishment last Friday at Intown Quilters and had so much fun playing with bits of Angelina, foils, Bonash, silk, metallic thread snippets, etc. that I figured I'd continue on that wave length a bit longer. Here are a few of the ones I have almost completed:

I really thought that this little green guy was my favorite, and then I started messing around with the blue one up above, and I liked it best. I'm also quite fond of the top one in the grouping of five, and then there's the one on the far right in that set! HMMMMM..........I think I'm pretty much liking them all..... and having a ball!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so jealous - I am a big Chicks fan. I am loving your silk scraps card idea. Happy to find someone else who enjoys making their holiiday cards.