Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Here I am - where are you?

This is Day Two of my week at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. What a fabulous, fabulous place this is. Peace, serenity and lots of artistic and mellow folks. By the way Rayna, your little Lady Bug Friends are still here! It is quite chilly here today...I think the high temp was early this morning, and that was 40. Tonight's low is forecasted at around 15. BRRRRRR!

My class is five days of Surface Design with Sue Benner. I am learning some new techniques and refreshing my memory on some older ones, plus using transparent fabric paints, which are all new and wonderful to me!

Here is Sue demonstrating the use of Silicone Caulk for stamping:

Below is Susan from Missouri, one of my classmates, and she is IN LOVE!!!!! When she introduced herself to me, that was the first thing she told me! Susan is an incredible artist and I have enjoyed watching her work. Here she is just having finished stamping some oak leaves on her tee shirt (you may notice that she is shirtless). And yes, Gerrie, do you see that she is wearing an Art Quilt Tahoe polar fleece vest? Susan is with three other gals, all having driven from Missouri, escaping the snow and ice there. They are trying to talk me into going to AQT next year...I may just have to give it a try!
This is one of my pieces from yesterday...not too impressive, I know, but I had to show you something. I love these transparent paints! I was trying out making little stamps from a common kitchen sponge.
Last photo for tonight:

Ummm, I think this was one of those folded and dyed pieces, that I went back and refolded and dyed again and again. Yesterday one of my classmates and I drove to the next small town and invested in some off-white bib overalls, which we are going to embellish tonight. So, I need to get a move on back to the studio!

Take care, stay warm, and SMILE!!


Anonymous said...

I say YES to AQT or AQC sometime next year!! Spent 2 sessions at AQT.. last year the altitude bothered me severely. This spring I'll be off to AQC for 5 days with Rayna.

Gerrie said...

If you go to AQT, I might have to change my mind about not going again. I have decided that I have taken enough classes (after Rayna's) and I need to stay home and make my own art.

Seeing Susan shirtless is giving me the shivers. It is so freezing cold and we had 6 inches of snow and we can't drive any place without chains. Ugh!!

Keep having fun!

ooo xxx