Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Week's Work

Here are a few of the pieces I've been working on over the past few days. We've had a great, great time and learned a ton. The weather has been rather iffy...more drizzle and clouds than sun, but no ice. All of these pieces are done on cotton...can't wait to try them on silk!There are 12 of us in the class and we are the most compatible group that I've ever been in. We laugh and laugh, but we work hard! The above piece is a process that three of us have been working on over the past couple of days. I'm liking it!
This piece, as you can tell, is a fan-folded painted piece. I wish I could show you the "after" picture with it all ironed is stunning!

This piece was crumpled and then painted....and hung out to dry.

This is another of my beloved poppies, resisted with ProChem's SabraSilk resist (but on cotton) and then painted with ProChem's paints. I will probably quilt this.

It is late and I am tired. Two of my roommates are trying to sleep...they are taking hammered dulcimer classes. My third roomie is out partying...she is a potter. Tomorrow is our last day....boooH!


Anonymous said...

Such inspiration!! Glad you are having fun expanding your skills, I think the poppies will be gorgeous and would be a very wonderful scarf.

Anonymous said...

I love your dyes. I especially like the top one.

Gerrie said...

Did you use setacolors for these? They are all fabu!!