Friday, January 05, 2007

Portland or Miami???

I had hoped to have a photo of our fog enshrouded yard and lake to show you, but alas the day got away from me with a birthday party (Happy Birthday Dear John!!!....and many more!) plus various and sundry other "obligations" to attend to! It is so very warm here....I think Al Gore was right about this Global Warming thing! And it has been so rainy and foggy. Honestly, I wonder if we're not back in Miami or have been jettisoned off to Portland, Oregon!

OH, and by the way, HAPPY 2007!!!! Can you believe it???? It's here...another year! Where does the time go??? C and I celebrated quietly here in GainesVegas. I am involved in a great book (Alibi by Joseph Kanon...have you read it???) and so was busy with that while C watched a movie with English subtitles....I HATE movies with subtitles! When the locals began shooting off fireworks at about 11:00 PM, Barker got nervous, so we had to sequester him!

Then, we were off to Atlanta for a few blissful days of hanging out. I had finished yet another fish quilt and needed to deliver it to
Intown Quilters, so as to advertise my class there in February...or is it March? If you want to take the class, please check their newsletter...I'd love to have you join me! This quilt is full of bead embellishments as well as a bunch of work with Angelina Fibers. It was great fun to create....and once again, no photo for you to enjoy! (I hope this is not a trend for me in 2007!).

I was pleased to see that our cousin Jinny Carpenter has come by to visit the blog...and even commented!!! Hi Jinny!! You need to leave me your email address so that I can correspond with you this way rather than by snail mail! My love to Tom!!

OK, before I go back to the final pages of "Alibi", I need to direct you to the
Kim Family Benefit Auction. You can read about all of the details there, but suffice it to say that my blogging buddy Gerri's two wonderful daughters have organized this fabulous auction on ebay to benefit the family of James Kim who perished in November in the hinterlands of Oregon. I've donated the stonewashed silk scarf below and would love for it to adorn you!! You can read the description on the website. The auction closes on Sunday, so DO NOT PASS GO, instead,go there now and bid on's a great cause and there are oodles of fantastic pieces of art!!! Thanks.


Gerrie said...

I wondered where you were! I was about to send out a search party. Have you checked the auction lately? The scarf is at $102.50 and the total auction, as of tonight, is $12,495.29!!

Thank you so much for participating.

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well in the South. I ALMOST sent Streaky out on a search mission!

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about global warming too. We had a lot of snow last week and this week it is nearly all melted. THat is unheard of here in January. There have been many temperature records broken. I like winter but not like this.

Anonymous said...

We also have a very warm, foggy and rainy winter here in the south of Sweden.
We had some snow back in November, but it was gone after two-three days.
We use to have about 32-20F degrees (0 to -10C) from November to February, March. But now it's between 40-50F (+3 to +10C) every day, and the landscape is very green.
Soon we have to take out the lawnmower from our store house :-/