Friday, February 23, 2007

24 Hours in the City

For some strange reason my beloved Blogger has decided that tonight is not the night to post photos with captions to JudyintheDyes, but bear with me and I'll see what I can do to get through this minor techno-crisis!
C and I (and Barker the ever watchful watchdoggy)departed "home" in Gainesville just about 24 hours ago and headed for our second lovely home in Midtown, Atlanta. I had taken my very first sock-knitting class from my friend Angie and was well on my way to One Sock Heaven. Somewhere below you can see the photo of my partially knitted sock....don't ask me where since all I can see is computer gibberish (my son-in-law would just cringe at my lack of techno knowledge here, but bear with me, Dave!).

Last night we enjoyed a terrific dinner at Einstein's, just down the road from the condo. It's so great here because we can walk everywhere...enabling us to even enjoy a glass of wine with dinner if we so desire!

Today our Silk Artists of Atlanta group met at the Chastain Art Center. Forgive me now, as I don't know what pieces are appearing where, so I can't give credit where credit is certainly due. I love this group! We have the most awesome "show and tell" and every month there is so much sharing that goes on!!!

The piece with the feathers is a wonderful silk scarf that was created by Katy Fenlon, who drives all the way down from Clemson, SC to meet with us.

I'm also showing a beautiful silk painted piece by Sue Wierzba...this one is of ocean
life. Sue is new to silk painting, but has been a water color artist for many years. Isn't her piece gorgeous!!

There is also a bamboo scarf by my good friend Martha Andreatos...another gorgeous piece by Martha!

Gail Racy presented our program on painting on treated silk. She had even gone so far as to record her various results of painting on treated silk at different humidity levels, using different ratios of gutta to naptha. She also brought along several treated pieces of silk so that we could try out the technique. I have included one photo of Gail painting on a piece of treated silk.

I apologize for this huge techno glitch, but Blogger has really let me down here! This is just seat-of-the-pants blogging!

After our Silk Painters meeting, I mosied on over to Fiber On A Whim for about an hour of bliss as I shopped around Jan Girot's wonderful shop, picking up various and sundry embellishments. Then I battled the ungodly gridlock from from Sandy Springs over to Decatur in Friday afternoon Atlanta traffic...what was I thinking???? I arrived at Creative Spirit and spent a wonderful hour with my friend Becky Sizemore. She is showing several of my silk scarves and silk pieces mounted on canvas. WooHoo!

So that's my 24 Hours in the City!! Thanks for bearing with this techno-disablon!!


Gerrie said...

A quick hi!from the desert!

joyce said...

What gorgeous silk paintings. Do you know what kind of resist was used on the bamboo scarf? I found that black spirit based gutta never completely dries and is not very good on clothing for that reason.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good luck with your knitting project. Looks nice so far ;-)

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Oh, forgott...!
Have you noticed that all pictures can be enlarged at (this)your latest post?
XO again ;-)))))