Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend in Review

C and I had a wonderful couple of days in Atlanta! We were having so much fun on Saturday that I thought I had actually persuaded him to spend one more night at the condo and drive home early for church on Sunday. However, "Mr Sensible" got a grip of his senses, and we left the city at about 6 last night, which made for a very late dinner at home. But Elsie, our kitty cat, was most appreciative of our return.

Saw this bumper sticker in Midtown yesterday, and thought you might enjoy it:

We waddled on over to MetroFresh to pick up soup for lunch yesterday noon. Here's the view from outside, as Barker and I waited for C to appear with our lunches:

We got tired of waiting so walked on over to the site of the soon-to-open Midtown Trader Joes. While he was buying soups, Craig learned from Mitchel at MetroFresh, that the target opening date is actually March 24th....not even a month!! WooHoo!!!! I leaned up against the window and was tres excited when I spotted this sign:
OK now, use your imagination and squint with all your might, and you may just be able to pick out the red shopping carts all lined up and ready for use...neat reflection in the window, huh?!!!

After lunch, we walked up to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to catch the "Orchid Daze" exhibit. It was really fabulous. This year's addition of all of the sculpture by Frabel adds a whole new dimension. I've uploaded a bunch of my pics to Flickr. Let's see if I can show you just one here:

Now I really must go................we got halfway through "Half Nelson" last night, and C is waiting for me so that we can finish it! Bye Bye!!

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Gerrie said...

I have to send you a shopping list for the must have Trader Joe's items.