Monday, February 12, 2007


Well, we are surely making up for the few meals that we served at home over the weekend! Last night we ate at Sala, a Mexican dining establishment in Virginia Highlands. It was great...the Margaritas were excellent and the food was terrific. I had a sore throat, so the very spicy Tortilla Soup went down did the Tequila!

We gave Barker a short walk around Midtown this morning and then walked across the street from the condo to The Flying Biscuit for a yummy breakfast. We don't think that the biscuits are quite as light as the name implies, but the food is definitely very tastey! On weekends, the line goes a long way around the corner pretty much all day, with folks waiting to be seated, but this morning we just walked on in and had our pick of tables at about 8:30. I love their decor:
And here's what I had:
turkey bacon, a flying biscuit, two eggs over easy (only ate one, I swear!) and the yummiest of grits! MMMMMMM I was reading the newspaper and celebrating the fact that my Dixie Chicks did so very well at the
Grammy's last night! WooHoo!!!!

We headed home late morning and found it necessary to once again stop to eat. Here we are at:

There seems to be a Chipotle around every corner in Atlanta and its burbs now, and the nice thing is they have little outdoor eating areas where we can take Barker. Here he is being ever so patient while C is inside ordering our burrito bowls:

and here's lunch:It was 65 degrees outside....another lovely day! My weather forecast says that the high here on Thursday will be 38, with the low a chilly 19, so we are enjoying this weather while it lasts.

One of our last stops was for this:

I wish I could have included the lovely aroma of these roses. They totally perfumed the car. Isn't C just as sweet as can be!!!!


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Sounds like a lovely day with a nice man ;-)
What a beautiful bouquet!!!!

Gerrie said...

I love Chipotles and I don't think there is one in Portland. I have spent all day working on my website. I am now trying to catch up with my blog friends. Oh, we did go to Costco to stock up on some stuff. Ididn't even walk the dog today. I feel like such a slug.

melba said...

I was browsing through your blog (linked from your comment on stitch in time's blog) and I saw The Flyinh Biscuit. I knew I had heard the name before, but I have lived in several cities so it took me a few minutes to realize it was in Atlanta. I lived there for 3 years in the late 90's. Now I live in Cape Cod, MA.
Sounds like a lovely trip!