Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lake Views

It was incredibly warm for February today! When we walked Barker early this morning it was in the high 40s. This afternoon it rained, the harbinger of our next cold front, and then take a peak at how serene the lake looked:

You can see the bank of clouds coming in from the west, bringing our colder air. I love the reflection on the water. I was sewing away and just happened to look up to catch these views, and knew that I wanted to share them with you. It is quite foggy in the top photo, and then the breeze picked up and blew the fog away. When I took the second pic, the sun was just beginning to come through the clouds, but it was also almost 6:00 PM, so it was setting.

I have a miserable cold, so I puttered around most of the day, sewing away on a long overdue project. I have mixed feelings about it at present, but if I grow fond of it, I'll show it to you. It has been waking me up at night, so it is time to put a lid on it!!

After snapping the pics of the lake, I wandered on over to my flower garden by the pool to check on a few things. Asters, floxgloves, rose campion, Russian sage, and a few others are beginning to poke through. And look, here are the very first of the iris to bloom:

They look like dwarf crested iris, but they're not. I got them free with some other bulbs one year, and I thoroughly enjoy seeing them....but they only bloom for one day, so if you miss them, forget about it! Many of my daffodils are in bloom, as are my snowdrops and the wonderfully fragrant Daphne Odora. It is too early for Spring....our cold weather returns tomorrow.



Gerrie said...

What delightful little harbingers of spring. I am loving all the different flowers beginning to appear here in Portland. I have to plant some bulbs this fall as I have not seen any on our property.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a nice view over your lake, Knickerbocker!
We also have quite warm weather here
+ 2,5°C.
Last night and early today it was snowing, again!
But it has melted away. The snowdrops are blooming here too, but I haven’t seen any other spring flowers, yet =)