Saturday, February 03, 2007

Photo Catchup - I hope!

Here are the two postcards that I sent off for the Heart-2-Heart fiberart postcard project. I used some of my very first hand dyes (it was a difficult decision at first, as they are pretty dear to me!) and then embellished them with hearts that I applied with the help of some Sulky Solvy and metallics. It was fun....I had forgotten just how much I enjoy making postcards! Thanks to Karey for giving me that opportunity to play again.

Thursday morning we woke up to the stillness that can only accompany an overnight snowfall. The weather people had forecast a winter storm for our area and I was eagerly anticipating seeing our trees laced over with ice. Not so! Apparently it was just a little too warm for that, or the upper atmosphere was too cold, as the precip came down around us as snow. By the time we got up, it was beginning to rain however, so the snow didn't last too long. Here's our front walkway before we took Barker out for his morning walk:

Our Hellebores (Lenten Roses) on the right above, can't quite figure out what is going on with the weather. They began blooming several weeks ago, which was certainly before lent, and now they have snow on them! My Daphne, which is just across the walkway, is also blooming...about a month early for her too.

Below is our front yard looking up towards the street. Ahhhh, beautiful virgin snow.....even Barker hasn't made footprints in it yet! It was a grey, grey morning.

This is our view out through the diningroom sliders.

Fortunately C is a good soul and had made up a panful of his special suet recipe for our feathered friends the day before the snow. They let him know when he is not delivering on time! We've had some wonderful migrating waterfowl this winter: Ring-necked ducks, Pied Bill Grebes, Buffleheads, and of course more and more Canadian Geese. I love to watch the geese, but unfortunately they love to walk up in our yard and p__p everywhere. Barker has become quite proficient at bounding out of the door and chasing them back into the lake, barking all the while. There's never a dull moment around here! Our resident Great Blues are always stalking fish along the shore, while the mallards and wood ducks dabble around for bits to eat. We also have a wonderful Kingfisher who flits along the shoreline. It will be a sad, sad day when we leave this place!

Speaking of which, we are in the city for a second day. We went to Dave's birthday party last night at Taco Mac...a lot of great young people there. It's nice to see your adult children with such a wide and varied circle of interesting friends. I brought along my camera, but the photos didn't turn out...could it have been the photographer and her beer???? I just don't know!

Happy Day!!!


Eva said...

Happy Day to you too ;-)

Gerrie said...

Mother nature is a little mixed up don't you think? Love the postcards. Hope you are having a great week-end.

Pixie said...

love the cards and the lake pictures. Doesn't Barker get cold paws?? It NEVER snows in Wellington.

Glickster said...

For more about Hellebores: