Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sowz Earz

Last Fall I began toying around with some ideas for evening purses made from silk. I've purchased a few patterns and looked at various ideas. In the mean time, I had decided on the approximate size and shape I wanted and had embellished a few pieces of silk. For some reason I just got the urge to proceed this past week and I finally completed the first one this afternoon. I tried two different techniques to achieve about the same results on the piece of black Habotai for the purse front. One was with foiling and the other was by simply painting the design on the silk with gold paint. I much preferred the latter, so I used the formed (foiled) piece for my first experiment in sewing up the purse. I got some black silk cording for the shoulder strap, an antique "gold" and rhinestone button for the closure, plus myriad and sundry gold beads to highlight the gold foil fireworks centers. While I was rummaging around in my silk drawer for a piece of black habotai for the lining, I came across a wonderful piece of tangerine and fucshia silk that I had dyed and never that went inside!I finished this first one midafternoon, took Barker for a walk in the freezing cold and windy air, and then came home and started putting the finishing touches on the next one. I'll show you that one when I'm finished...maybe tomorrow?? In the mean time, here is a closeup of the first "Sowz Ear".

You may be able to tell that there is a bit of quilting around the fireworks, done with black sliver. It adds a subtle little touch. I also quilted the back...but no fireworks, just quilting with the black sliver.

We're not huge professional football fans, so tonight we're catching up on the local newspapers and maybe starting a movie.

Go have fun!


Anonymous said...

VERY nice! You know I would have had to add the beads, too, but it is very lovely without!! If I had that special occasion, I would ask to borrow it. Maybe prom season will offer all sorts of new opportunities??

Stay warm, only -18 wc here....

joyce said...

That is a very cute little bag. The bright lining was a great idea. When I got up this morning the temp was -37. What is all this about global warming???

Gerrie said...

A woman after my own heart! I hate football and stayed in my office and watched What Not to Wear marathon. I got caught up on some computer work. Love the bag - I want a peek at the lining, though.