Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Recipe for a Happy Day:

Tuesday is generally my "work day", when I plan to stay at home and do what makes my heart sing the very most...and that doesn't include vacuuming!!
Last night I downloaded a ton of NPR podcasts so that I would be entertained while I sewed:

My ever-present and loyal partner was by my side:

It is still a bit too cold to go out to my dyeing studio early in the mornings this time of year - unless I crank up the heat, but I hate to waste the energy when it will be plenty warm later in the day. So here's what I was sewing away on this morning:

In the lower left is a postcard of our Lake Lanier. The picture was painted by my friend Anne Brodie Hill. I use the postcard to help me cut when I'm paper piecing...plus, this one makes me happy because it reminds me of Anne.
After Barker and I had our walk and I had my lunch, I headed out to the studio. It was a lovely afternoon with temps in the high 60's. WooHoo!! So, first I washed a much needed load of dye rags. They are rather pretty colorful, aren't they?

There was my kitty cat Elsie, supervising:

I fiddled around with a little printing of some ferns on a piece of fabric from my Sue Beevers class at Campbell. Looks better here than it does in person!!

I did a bunch of batiking, but that won't be ready for viewing for another day or two, then I "worked" on another piece of silk fusion. I had thought that that photo was included here, but it wasn't. Here is what remained on my table when I hung up the fusion to dry:

Wish I could capture that on cloth!

And here are a few more ingredients in this happy day. My Daphne along the walkway to our front door. The fragrance is very intense this year! MMMMMMMM

My daffodils:

We have planted hundreds of daffodils in the gardens of every house we've lived in. I just love them!!! And last but not least, my Hellebores by our front door:

Tell me your recipe for your happy days.


Pixie said...

Ohh, thank you for the daffodils and daphne! I think it's a sign, I'm going to get out my daffodil fabrics, I've been thinking about them all day.

Gerrie said...

On our walk, I can smell Daphne a few feet before I get next to it. I love it.

My recipe is to go down to work in a clean studio. That is my next project. You are so energetic and I am feeling so lethargic. Gotta get with it!! I am trying to get back to 10,000 steps a day. I managed 9150, today.

joyce said...

My recipe would be much like yours but these days around here it has to include 3 feet of snow instead of flowers.THanks for the photos of your flowers. They will brighten my day.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Thank you for sharing your Happy Day with us!
My day didn't start so well. The Internet has partly been down. It's something wrong out somewhere in the "space".

The fornoon improved though because our little Agnes came for a short visit and in a while we (Bertil and I)are going to Signe and Sune for afternoon coffee. Anne-Marie and Hasse are there too. They have taken the old ones to the doctor today, (just for a rutin check).
We are going to eat (not so healthy) Semlor.

Love your Daffodils. We only have Snowdrops here so far =(

Have a nice day!