Sunday, March 04, 2007

Held Captive!!

The plan was to spend Thursday and Friday nights in Atlanta, departing for home on Saturday just after a MetroFreshual lunch. Having enjoyed a wonderfully yummy breakfast Saturday morning at Java Jive, we were on our way back to the condo when my cell rang. It was John asking where he and Troy were to meet us to go to the new Horizon Theater play on Sunday. We thought our tickets were for next Sunday!! Duhhhhhhhh! So we have had a slight change of plans and here we are still in Atlanta. Sheesh, I hate it when that happens!!!! Ha!!!! It didn't take me long to readjust my plans. I called Kristin and we spent a bit of time shoe shopping at AbbaDabbas in Little Five Points.

I got a pair of these Earth Shoes. They are sooooo comfy!

.........sorry for the blurrs, but my poor camera remains battery-challenged, so I've uploaded this pic from the 'net. I love the feel of these shoes and their look, not to mention the very chique design on the insole. When I told Kristin that one of the reasons I was buying this shoe was because of the insole, she said, "Well, don't you enjoy wearing nice undies too?" Good thinkin'....I knew I brought her up right!!!

We spent the evening "in", watching the second half of "The DaVinci Code" which we had started the night before. I am knitting away on two different socks...the orange-multi that I showed you last week and another variegated blue/green/white which may be for my Mom. SHHHHHH, don't tell her!

Here is a site that you need to check out:
Janet Thompson referred to it in a post on the QA site, and I was just blown away, as I am sure you will be too! Which one is your favorite? I'll tell you mine if you share yours!
Here's a shot of the "King and Queen" in one of the northern Atlanta suburbs. C and I can't quite agree on whether they're in Sandy Springs or Dunwoody. I say the latter. Anyway, our friend Bobbie works in one of those buildings...aren't they great!



Gerrie said...

I love the shoes. I just ordered lime green crocs from REI. I feel soooooo sorry for yo - stuck in Atlanta, shoe shopping and going to the theater!

Steve Barton said...

The King and Queen are in Sandy Springs. The DeKalb County line runs north south just to the west of the MARTA line where it crosses Hammond.

All the best, Steve Barton

Judy said...

Thanks, Steve, for clarifying that...even though C is right and I was wrong! Jeeesh, I hate it when that happens!!!