Sunday, April 01, 2007

Batikers I have known and loved:

I really should include a picture of my batiking mentor here, but alas, I do not have one available on this new laptop, so please forgive me Rayna!

Intown Quilters, my all-time favorite Atlanta quilt shop, asked me to teach a batiking class, and so I fiddled around with different ideas and finally decided to advertise this one as "Batik Your Big Shirt", using cast-off men's shirts from thrift shops, since that is what I wear when I'm dyeing. Well, Sarah (the boss at IQ) suggested that I add sarongs to my repertoire. Interestingly enough, one of my first batik projects had been a silk sarong for my daughter Kristin, and she and her husband had just returned from a cruise where all of the ladies were shrowded in sarongs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. How 'bout that!!! So, today we batiked Big Shirts, Sarongs and some cotton yardage. I think everyone had a good time, and I know that I did! What a great group of ladies!!!

Several of the ladies batiked big shirts. I wish that I had had a chance to photograph them with thier work before they left. They did some smashing pieces!!!

Others did yardage in various and sundry colors....once again, all gorgeous!

And then there was "this group" who are heading out on a ladies-only beach trip and batiked silk sarongs to take along. They were having THE BEST TIME, which made it even more fun for the rest of us!! By the time they were waxing and dyeing, I had my camera out and ready to snap some pictures! (And Gerrie, you would be proud of me here, because my batteries died and I had fresh replacements in my bag!)

The ringleader of the group is Teresa, and she is pictured here on the right. She was the only quilter in the group...come on gals, get with it! Isn't that a pretty sarong!!!

Here's another of the silk sarongs:

Ewwww, and look at this one! I love the way it is practically all one color, but then there's the white-ish part at the bottom/top!

And here's the last one. They are all so gorgeous!!! I've made all of these ladies in my class promise to send me photos of their laundered and totally finished pieces (they went home in zip locked bags, to be laundered tomorrow). I definitely want photos of the beach vacation with sarongs!!!!

Tonight C and I are going to Nickiemottos for Dollar Sushi....these ladies have worn me out!


Gerrie said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! I just ordered supplies for batiking with Rayna in a couple of weeks. Can't wiat.

Felicia said...

What talent you've got there. They all turned out quite pretty.

SeamRippstress said...

What a fun class and great dye jobs! Man I wish my quilt shops would host some dyeing classes! I love the red with white circles.