Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Brand New Bag

Yesterday afternoon I was sewing away and suddenly looked up to see this beautiful view:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! A line of thunderstorms had rolled through about an hour earlier, and this was the remainder. As long as we don't have any tornadoes, I'm pretty ok with the thunderstorms, although they are really not my cup of tea either.

I've completed a wonderful class on Soy Silk Fusion with Sue Bleiweiss through Joggles and hope to teach some of it at Intown Quilters in July. This afternoon I made up this shop sample of a lingerie bag:

I wish I could take better closeups! GRRRR! Anyway, I stamped some gold fish (not goldfish, silly!) on the top flap and the lower part of the body and stitched around them in some gold shimmer thread. I lined the bag with a piece of cotton that I had dyed last summer, and then I found some wonderful old goldish scallop shell buttons that I had saved from a much-loved bathing suit from the past. I also had a bit of yarn remaining from another project that had just the right turquoise and grape hues, so I added that for a bit more closure.
Here is the back of the bag. Unfortunately I used my flash when taking this pic, so everything appears a bit more red. I stamped one more fish on the backside. The body of the bag was stitched using gold shimmer in the needle and some variegated purple/turquoise metallic thread in the bobbin. I like this bag!!!!



Vicki W said...

Judy, what a terrific bag!

Gerrie said...

So pretty!

FYI: I hate thunder storms. It was one of the most difficult parts of living in NC for 6 years.

Felicia said...

Beautiful sky! Your lingerie bag is fabulous. :)