Saturday, April 28, 2007

Come Away With Me

Last night C and I had the pleasure of 90 minutes with Norah Jones at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. What a great show!!! If you live nearby and have the opportunity to take in a show at the Tabernacle, you must do it.

What a venue! We took Marta from our local Midtown station and walked the few blocks down to the old-church-turned-intimate-music hall. The inside is wonderfully decorated, with folk artish painting on the ceilings and walls and a fabulous old crystal chandelier hanging high over the stage. And the accoustics: oh my!!! Norah was something else, dressed in a cute little black dress and heels. Her "Handsome Band" members wore sport coats, all except for Norah's buddy, Daru who had on a smart pair of gauchos and an attractive top.

Today my friends Patty and Kris, and I took part in Brenau University's First Culture Fest. We all had tables in the "crafters row". Here are my two partners in crime setting up our spot this morning:

You may see a few familiar pieces of my work there. Patty is extremely talented and resourceful, making wonderful pieces of mosaic work, while Kris does a lot of quilting and applique. They are good friends and it was great to spend the day with them.
Here's one of my first little babies that flew the coop:
It's one of my cell cells!!! WooHoo!!!!
I also had my journals on display:
After a lovely day outside, I had to peruse my garden at home. Look who is smiling at me now:
This is my newest clematis, just purchased last spring. I didn't think she had survived, but obviously she is doing just fine, thank you very much!!


Barbara said...

I love Nora Jones! That must have been a great show. Your clemantis is lovely.

Gerrie said...

You lucky girl!! Would love to see Norah in person. I once heard her father, in person, that is how old I am!

Erica said...

Hi Judy,
It's your Artful Quilters neighbour here! Love your clematis - I always plan to plant one, but invariably at the wrong time of year. Yours looks great.