Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cell Cell

While my sister-in-law Molly was here visiting, we discussed how nice it would be to have a little bag in which to carry our cell phones. She has recently returned from Hong Kong and says that they are everywhere there. So this afternoon I decided to create one. Here it is:

It measures roughly 4.5" x 5" and has a little inner silk pocket which can hold a credit card, driver's license and a few dollar bills. My cell fits nicely inside the larger pocket.

I've secured the rayon cording across the inside of the flap, and added two bits of velcro to hold the flap closed.

The fabric that I used was left over from one of my Sowz Earz purses, and actually came from a big piece of Ortwork, thanks to Nellie Durand's blog.

Last Monday, I put Molly to work. It was like the old Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn story where Tom started painting the fence and made it appear so attractive that Huck wanted to try it too, only in our case, I was batiking. Molly caught on real quickly and became a huge help. While I mixed up dyes, she applied wax to tee shirts. Thanks Moll! Here are some of our results:

This is not a tee shirt, but a 34" square silk charmeuse scarf.

Below is one of my old work shirts, that has been enlisted in various and sundry painting jobs. I batiked it a few weeks ago and then dyed it fuschia. I'm not a pink kinda gal, so I overdyed it in blue on Monday...thought Molly would like to see how it turned out:

Here are all of the tee shirts that we did:

I am sharing a sale table with my friends Kris and Patty at the Brenau University Culture Fest this Saturday, and I will hopefully be selling a few tees.

This is a rather tropical looking silk chiffon scarf that I batiked a couple of weeks ago:

I do love it!!!!

Well, I've procrastinated long's time to go back out to my sewing room and make a couple more cell cells. I hope they sell well!



Rayna said...

Oooh - clever, clever. The cell phone thingie is great! And your scarves and shirts are looking good, Judy! Glad you have time to play.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Love your cell phone bag ... and the scarves ... and the tees ... and Trader Joe's (wish we had one).

SeamRippstress said...

Oh man I love your cell phone bag!!! and Ortwork is the coolest :0 so glad to have found this technique and Nellies work.

Sue B said...

love that little bag! and all those tshirts are fabulous. That tropical scarf is too yummy, definitely makes me think of tropical punch.

Vicki W said...

All of your dyeing projects are great! That looks like it was so much fun. The cell phone bags are really cute too!

Felicia said...

Groovy cell holder!