Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Doin' the Tourist Thang

Yesterday we headed to Atlanta with C's brother and sister-in-law. You really can't share Atlanta with tourists without a stop at the Varsity:

"What'll Ya Have? What'll Ya Have"...that's the chant of the Varsity counter folks taking orders. Chris and Molly had been coached in the drill, so they launched off on their own and ordered exactly what they wanted.

Here's our lunch:

two frosted oranges, two chili dogs, two slaw dogs, an order of fries, and an order or rings (or is it "rangs"?). Yumm, was it good!!

Kristin and Dave joined us for dinner at Einstein's. Sorry: no camera!

We were up bright and early this morning to walk Barker Baby, enjoy breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, and then off to the Georgia Aquarium. C and I had never been there, so it was great fun to be a tourist in our own city!!

I loved this part, where we walked through a tunnel with fish swimming all around us!

I'll post more pictures on my Flick'r site. If you are planning a visit to Atlanta or live near Atlanta and haven't had a chance to visit the Aquarium, now's the time! It's GREAT!!



eva said...

Oh, I remember our visit at Varsity ;-)
I don't remember what I ate though. Could have been the slow dogs.

Felicia said...

Isn't it great to play tour guide for a day? It really forces you to look around your town with fresh eyes and you always see new things.