Thursday, April 26, 2007

At Long Last!

Well the day that I thought would NEVER arrive, finally did! Last Wednesday, in the midst of Chris and Molly's arrival from California, our Midtown Trader Joe's opened!! WooHoo!!! So, before going to the airport to meet their flight, we stopped in for a few provisions. Look how festive it was:

We had the best time just roaming the aisles and picking up little bits of this and that! I'll have to get out my shopping list from Gerrie when we go back the next time.

Now, as life would have it, we will be spending a lot of time at our real house 60 miles north of Atlanta, so we'll be forced to put off the impulse shopping at TJs.

We did drop back by there yesterday however and pick up dinner for tonight: Chimichurri Wild Pacific Salmon, which we will grill. YUMMM!

I hope to post a few more pics from both the Aquarium visit and our trip to the mountains in the upcoming days.



eva said...

Trader Joe's looks a bit like a place we have here nearby, but what I can see, Joe's has a much, much better assortment.


eva said...

Sorry my attempt to make links failed =(((
xo Eva