Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm on a roll

I've been busy this morning finishing up a few WIPs and thought I'd share them with you. My cutting table in my sewing room has been so cluttered with unfinished projects that it was getting ridiculous!

This is my Midtown Sowz Earz bag, which I actually finished a few weeks back and have been using at the condo. I find that it is just the right size for a pair of sunglasses, a small change purse, my keys and my camera.

It is also an "Ortwork" Quilted Bag a la Nellie Durand, being composed of many bits and pieces of my hand-dyed silks, all quilted together under a sheet of black tulle. I love this technique. The lining is a brilliant chartreuse with a little pocket in bright orange. It pretty much glows in the dark!! LOL

This is a little bag made of soy silk fusion:

I've quilted it, put two buttonholes at the fold at the top, and then threaded the gold cording through. There is a snap under the button. It is also lined in chartreuse silk, with gold dragonflies stamped on it.

Here's a journal covered with soy silk fusion with inclusions added:

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with this lovely piece, so the only solution was to leave it intact and cover the journal. Here is the inside:

I've left those wonderful wispy edges of the fusion, and sewn a hand dyed silk ribbon at the spine as a marker.

This is the second journal cover that I made this morning:

I just loved the inclusions in this white piece...some rose petals from my Valentines bouquet and some dried money plant from my garden. I didn't quite have enough of the white left over to cover the journal, so I attached some purplish/blue fusion that remained from yesterday's lingerie bag. I also had some purple ribbon remaining from another project, so I added that as a marker. Here's the inside:

It's been a fun, fun morning.............and now I'm going to go have a bite of lunch. Want to join me?



sunflowerkat said...

Judy -

All your projects are just SO wonderful. I keep making soy fusion and now I need to make some things out of it. I love your little bags. And the journals are GREAT!

Felicia said...

You are indeed on a roll! I especially love that soy fabric on the journals. Looks terrific.

Vicki W said...

Great projects! leaving the edge "raw" is a very nice effect.

Gerrie said...

These are all gorgeous. I love to do the tulle over bits of scraps. Ehat's for lunch?

SeamRippstress said...

Simmah down nah! That motown bag is off the hook! Marvelous silk fusion bags!