Monday, April 16, 2007

Look Who Dropped In

C went out to feed the ducks this afternoon, and lo and behold, look what he found:

This is a Little Blue Heron, which we don't normally see here on our lake. She is migrating north, but probably got tired of battling the strong winds and has dropped by for a few days. Amazingly enough, she wasn't the least bit timid, and I was able to get pretty close to snap these pics.

On my way back up from the lake, I took this shot of the back of our house:

My sewing room is the bank of four windows on your left side. I feel so very lucky to have such an incredible view of the lake and the waterfowl.

In spite of the unseasonable cold weather we all are experiencing on the East Coast of the US, the clematis don't seem to mind one bit. I love this little guy:

It shares a trellis on our pool patio, along with a thriving Confederate Jasmine, which will bloom shortly.

And look what else has just popped up:

My Lily of the Valley!!! :-) My Swedish grandmother, Augusta, had droves of Lily of the Valley at her home in Massachusetts, and I used to love to visit her when they were blooming. My meagre few bring back such sweet memories of her and my grandfather Herman, and also memories of one Spring day when C bought me "Muguets de Bois" in Paris. "April in Paris"..................ahhhhhh love!!



Gerrie said...

Hi! Judy...That is a beuty of a photo of the blue heron. Maybe it is on its way to my sister's lake in NY! Loved seeing your house. What a gorgeous setting. I am having soooo much fun with Rayna.

Eva said...

Lovely bird and flowers. Your spring in Gainesville is gone far more ahead than the spring here in Sk√•ne, Sweden. We still don’t have the Lily of the Valley. They will probably not show them selves for yet a moth. The weather though is unbelievably sunny and warm.
Our country is, as you know, very oblong /long (?). So yesterday we had snow and below zero in the northern parts, in the middle “normal” temps for the season here in Sweden, about +5-10°C (50°F), and here in the southern parts we had +20-25°C (77,00°F).
Sweden is 1 572 km (976,80 miles) from north to south and the largest width is about 500 km (310,69 miles).

XO /Eva

joyce said...

We have a Blue Heron that lives on our pond all summer. Maybe it is the same one dropping in on you for a visit on his way. My Lily of the Valley haven't appeared yet but soon I'm sure. You do indeed have a lovely spot for your studio. How inspiring to have a view like that!

Felicia said...

Your clematis is beautiful. That is one of the things that I want to install at the new house. My MIL has hers mixed in with roses on an archway and its beautiful

StegArt said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful clematis. They have to be my number one favorite flower. I have about 8 varieties that I pray will survive each winter and it hasn't been warm long enough for them to start showing signs of life.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

I don't believe I've ever seen a small blue heron. We have several great blues that fish in our small lake. Your clematis is beautiful. And what a wonderful setting for your studio. I'd love a peek inside.

Debra said...

Hey Judy,

I know we emailed about the CAC Journal exchange, but I can't find it! I need your snail... and you have no way for me to know how to email you.

SeamRippstress said...

Ah your Clematis is inspiring a post card! Beautiful! I want your sewing room's natural light!