Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sweet Fusion

I put the finishing touches on "Sweet Fusion" yesterday afternoon. I so appreciated all of your comments and suggestions. I ended up reinforcing the soy silk fusion under the "ribs" of the fan with tooth picks, and then tacked the fan down in several places along the reinforcements. Since there is already so much going on as far as inclusions go, you really don't notice the tacking stitches. The border is simply some ruched hand-dyed silk ribbon. I had picked up some silkworm cocoons at Jan Girod's fabulous shop Fiber On a Whim a month or so ago and had played around dyeing them when I was doing some other turquoise stuff (maybe even these ribbons), and I loved the way they came out, so I poked holes in the ends and threaded the fan ribbons through them, sort of like big, fat beads. I also tacked those ribbons down to the ortwork quilting.

Eva, I hope this now looks a bit more like a fan and less like a jellyfish!!!

"Sweet Fusion" goes on the auction block (silent, that is) this Saturday night to help raise funds for our church's youth group's summer pilgrimage. Wish her well!!



joyce said...

It's gorgeous. I'm sure it will raise lots of money. I never heard of being able to buy silkworm cocoons. They really finish off the piece.

Gerrie said...

You did it! Really looks like a fan now. I love the way you used the cocoons!

Felicia said...

It should raise lots of money at the auction!

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Lovely ... just lovely!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Sorry ...I haven't been on the "Net" for some days so I haven't seen your gorgeous fan until today!
Also sorry that I thought it was a jellyfish ;-)
Hope it raised a great deal of money on the auction today.
Love / Eva