Friday, April 13, 2007

Here, There and Everywhere

We've been in Atlanta for the past couple of days...having lotsa fun. On the 11th, we went to the Braves vs. Washington Nationals game. It was cold and threatening rain, but the heavens didn't open up until we were leaving the Ted...and then we got soaked. But that was fine, since the Braves won!

Yesterday was our Kristin's 28th birthday! No photos this year. :-( She and Dave are pretty private people and so I honored them by not snapping any pics when we dined out at Six Feet Under and the Carroll St. Cafe. What yummy desserts we enjoyed. It was warm enough to start the evening off on the deck of Six Feet Under, overlooking lovely Oakland Park Cemetery and the Atlanta skyline.

Today has been gorgeous, and a great start for the 71st annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival. We wanted to go early because it gets so crowded, and we love to stroll along through Piedmont Park, taking our time and enjoying all of the art. We began by walking to Las Palmeras, one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, which as you might be able to guess, serves Cuban food...and mighty good Cuban food at that! It was so lovely and warm that we grabbed a patio table.

In another month they'll have that canopy covering the patio to protect clientele from the sun and beastly heat...but not yet!

Here's the house next door. I love the color!!

And look who was dining along with us:
We shared a yummilicious Mango shake:
I had my all-time favorite Cuban sandwich:

C enjoyed half of a "Boccadillo" sandwich, black beans and yellow rice:

Then we were off to the Dogwood Festival. Isn't this colorful:

I liked this piece too:

This guy flew in and sat a spell on a lightpost above one of the displays:

forget this last one...I'm afraid to delete it since in the past when I've done so, I've lost all of my pictures. Just admire it once more!!

Tomorrow begins the Midtown Tour of Homes...another favorite for us. The weather forecast is for rain........booh! It may be a movie day with the home tours on Sunday.



Anonymous said...

This painting you like so much--the upside-down fish on a plate with a black background, would make a great quilt, don't you think? It's beautiful. I'm gonna try painting it (one of these years...)

Eva said...

Happy Birthday to Kristin! I've sent her an e-card. Hope she got it in time!
Hugs and Love /Eva and the rest of the family Hagbjärn