Friday, May 04, 2007

Doggie Update

First of all, I really want to thank everyone for the well wishes that have been extended to poor "little" Barker. He seemed to rally at about 9:00 PM last night, even eating a bit of his food! I was most relieved. He woke me up at about 4 this morning and wanted more food and water, so I thought that was a very good sign. The wound site was beginning to bleed a bit then and when I tried to clean it off, he really I quit. Here's how he looked this morning:

Becky, our Vet, called last night to check up on him. She called in a round of antibiotics, as she says that the secondary infection is what we need to watch out for. When I gave him his aspirin and Benadryl this morning, I could feel a huge lump under his chin. Apparently, like humans, doggies have a lot of lymph nodes in their neck area. I don't know if you can see the swelling in the pic below, but in person, it almost appears as if he has goiter!

He really is a beautiful boy, and I hope this bite won't leave scars, but if it does and that is the least of our problems, then I am most thankful.

Yesterday afternoon, when I knew that Barker was out of the woods, so to speak, I finished up these three "cell cells":

I like them all very much and am pleased at how easily they are now coming together. I use mine constantly and find it a great help in locating my cell rather than when it used to be in my purse....especially when someone calls and I am on the road (I know that that is a no-no, but sometimes it is almost a must!).

It is cool and overcast here today....but still no rain. We are really into a drought mode in northeast GA. I did get some nice pics of my pool patio garden, which is quite lovely in the spring.

Here's a bit of Baptisia and my favorite foxgloves. My good friend Joan gave me some lovely peach foxgloves a few years ago, and I think they have cross pollinated with my purple ones to make the pretty mix in the front.

Peonies to come:

and just a few more foxgloves:

I had to get down on the ground on my tummy to take these last couple of shots, and don't you think I wasn't giving a lot of thought to that old Copperhead!!!



eva said...

I'm glad that BARKER is a little better today and I'm sorry that I called him Baker yesterday. The r must have flown away somewhere else ;-)
Beautiful flowers, as always. Your fingers have to be "green" I think.
Here in Sweden we use to say that if someone is a good gardener they have “green fingers”.

Gerrie said...

Give that beautiful Barker a hug. He is so handsome. Is his ego suffering from the bite results?