Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Flowers and Fishermen

Sometimes I just feel like painting on silk....well, not painting with paint, but painting with dye. I don't know what the deal is, there are times when I just abhor it, and then other times it gives me such pleasure. So here is the crepe de chine scarf I did the other day:

It was a lot of fun, and C agreed that it was the best job I have done so far.

I'm having a great time with my new camera. C and my Mom were in cahoots on this deal. He bought me the camera for Mother's Day and then she bought me a telephoto lens for my birthday! WooHoo. Of course, there hasn't been much to see on the lake since the lens arrived yesterday, but hopefully I've got a little more time!! I did take this pic of my clematis:

Kristin gave me two clematis vines for Mother's Day several years ago, and they are just blooming their little heads off this year. I love them so!!

Here's some detail of the scarf that I "painted" yesterday:

There's a new shop in our little town and the shopowner wants to feature work by members of our local art league. So I brought her a few scarves today. She has a lovely wrought iron thingy that is very smooth, and she got it just for my scarves!!! So, I really had to bring some in for her, don't you think? I hope she does well, because her shop is cute and she is very nice.

And now for my last photo of the day:

I saw this young man (actually I didn't know if he was young or old, male or female at the time) out fishing on the lake and thought I'd get his pic with the telephoto. It wasn't until I put the photo on the computer that I realized he had a doggie on board!



Sue B said...

Gorgeous silk! Love those colors - fabulous!

joyce said...

The scarves are beautiful. What kind of dye and resist do you use. I have done a lot of silk painting with Dupont dyes and gutta resist. Since I started quilting, silk painting has kind of fallen by the wayside but I am now thinking of combining the two.

Gerrie said...

Your photos are much clearer with the new camera! You are going to have some serious fun with the camera and by the way what is it? Gorgeous silk painting. What paint to you use and what resist?

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Beautiful scarves and lovely colors!