Monday, May 21, 2007

Celebratin' In Style

We got together with Kristin and Dave yesterday for a bit of an early birthday celebration. Kristin and I love to do the neighborhood home tours, and the South Atlanta Neighborhood Develpment held theirs this past weekend. Kristin and Dave's Ormewood Park is included in the SAND district, which was first developed in 1892. In the early 1900s, Mr. Orme, an official with the Atlanta Electric Light and Trolley Company, extended the trolley lines out from downtown Atlanta to the Old Civil War Soldiers' Home, which is actually just down the street a bit from K & D's home. This area continued to grow after WWI, with many craftsmen bungalows and Tudor-style brick homes being constructed. Those are the homes I am most interested in seeing, although there is much lovely new constrction also going on around them.

We began with this great home on Delaware, constructed in 1894 as a spec home! (I didn't know there were spec homes in 1894, did you?) The young couple who have lived there since 2003, have totally renovated the home, including the addition of a brand new kitchen. They have done a lovely job, maintaining the feel of a home over 100 years old. Note the trolley hanging on the porch, the symbol of the Ormewood Park neighborhood.

I love the roofline detail shown below:

This was another of my favorite homes, located on Woodland:

The kitchen has been renovated, but has the feel of that of one of my grandmother's kitchens! This Craftsman bungalow was built in 1922, converted to a duplex at some point during its life, and then returned to a single family dwelling by its present owners. They have done a wonderful job...and most of it by themselves!

The home below is truly incredible! The couple who presently own it and are still in the process of renovating it, didn't begin this daunting task until last year! It was constructed in the 1920s, converted to a triplex, and now is a single family residence.

After the tour, we settled on Kristin and Dave's front porch to enjoy the lovely evening and some wine and cheese, and then were off to this wonderful restaurant for Tapas:

I love going to the Carroll Street Cafe, in the heart of Cabbagetown, and was so please when I realized that this was the mysterious destination for my birthday dinner!!! We had Sesame Ahi Tuna, Escargots, and Tomato Mozarella Tapas, plus some sinful desserts, but if we don't mention them by name, the calories won't count, right?!!!

Kristin was having fun!

Actually, they both were, since they even let me snap their pictures!!

Thanks was a great day!!!


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