Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Happy Day

I am remiss in wishing my "very best friend in the Whole Wide World" a happy birthday! My cousin Eva's birthday was Saturday May 12. Happy Birthday dear friend!!!

While reading Karoda's blog the other day, she included a Mother's Day link that I found most interesting. Check it out!

Which brings me to the newest button that I am wearing on the upper right hand side of my blog: One Million Blogs for end the Iraq War. You know, I do support our troops, the daughters, sons, wives, husbands, fathers and mothers, who are fighting so bravely and giving the most precious gift....but why are we there, Mr. Bush???? Enough ranting, but please join me and wear your own One Million Blogs for Peace button! Also, when you finish reading my blog, head on over to Gerrie's blog and email her for an "End this (Endless) War" bumper sticker.

In my spare time, I've been quilting away on Poppy Reflections:

I painted this piece on silk a couple of years ago and knew that I wanted to quilt it, but the time was never right. So, I've made the time, and am keeping busy with it.

I'm using mostly Sulky Sliver and Superior Thread's Glitter on top and Bottom Line underneath. I will probably add beads.

Yesterday we went to "early church" and when we got home I grabbed the camera and went out in the yard for a few shots:

Mountain Laurel

a closeup of our cut leaf Japanese Maple

here's the whole tree. It had just sent out all of its new leaves when we suffered the horrible Easter freeze, so it is releafing all over again. (You may be able to see some of the old brown leaves underneath.) This tree used to be surrounded by about 14 holly bushes, so you really couldn't appreciate its beauty. C and I dug them all out and then went "rock" shopping with our friend Jack. We came home with three of these beauties.



Gerrie said...

I love poppies and that piece is quite gorgeous. Steph has beautiful orange poppies in her yard right now. I guess I need that button for my blog - thanks for the link.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Thank you so very much my Dear Best Friend in the Whole Wide World for the nice birthday wishes =)))))

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely pictures, especially the Mountain Laurel.
Have you taken the pictures with your new camera?