Saturday, May 12, 2007

So Much to Say..... little time!! Where does the time go anyway?????

Last month I was reading Deb Roby's blog one day and she made reference to the Create A Connection Journal Swap. It sounded like fun, so I checked it out and signed up. The funny thing was that when the swaps were announced, Deb got my name! I love reading Deb's blog for many reason, and I really admire her, so I was thrilled to know that I would be receiving one of her creations. She emailed me when she sent it, so I calculated the time and sure enough, it arrived last week while we were out of town. So I had to wait patiently to open it when we got home. Here it is, isn't it great!!!! ;-)

I just love the colors on the cover, and I love knowing that Deb did the embellishing!

Here is the inside front flap:

As you can read, the actual journal was made in Africa. The paper is incredible. I'll tell you right now, I'm going to have a tough time putting my first entry in this journal!

Also in the mail was a new camera for moi for Mother's Day! WooHoo!!!! And actually, to continue the Deb thread, I must admit that I emailed her for a consult when we were camera shopping. She held the deciding vote, and it was good, very good!!

I'll share a few photos snapped over the past couple of days. First, these guys waddled on up (you know that ducks waddle, but you ask, do geese waddle? YES!!!) while we were eating breakfast this morning:

Aren't those babies just the cutest? I knew that Mama was about to hatch these guys, as she was growing so huge she could barely move across the lawn down by the lake. She'd take 2-3 steps and then just plunk herself down. Lordy, I remember days like that myself!!!

Here's my first Peony Poppy of the season. They are marvelous...just reseed any and everywhere each year. I never know where they'll show up, but they are always welcome.

Ahhhhh, foxgloves:

They are biennials, you know, so the first year we just have the lovely velvetty leaves and then the next we get the gorgeous blossoms. I just adore those speckled throats!!

And here's that same Peony Poppy. Is this like watching your parents' slides of their last trips to Europe? Sorry!!! And am I dating myself????? LOL

My first roses:

And here are those Apricot Foxgloves from Joani that I told you about the other day:

As I said before, Foxgloves are biennials, so these guys didn't bloom last year....and I missed them.



Jeannie said...

Judy, your meme answers were great and amazing! I have a question on the peony poppies. Did you start them from seed or nursery stock? I have never seen anything like them - they are gorgeous. Have a great weekend. Cheers from the left coast.

Debra said...


Great pictures! You will be "pushing" your camera on folks, too.

I could not for the life of me remember the name of that fabric: lutrador! Heavy lutrador!

I finally broke down and started writing marking in my similar journal. I'm trying every way to mark and love them all.

Judy said...

Jeannie, I have tried in vain to find your blog, but when I click on your name, I am taken only to your profile, so I hope you will come back and read my comments. The peony poppies were planted from seeds I received from someone in the Georgia Market Bulletin. Would you like some? I will harvest these and send you some, but you'll need to email me your snail mail address.
Deb, that lutrador is marvelous. It almost has the feel of silk fusion or soy silk fusion, but not quite. I do love your/my journal! Thanks again so much!!