Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Peaceful Kinda Guy

When we woke up this morning, Barker was no where to be found! We paniced a bit, because he is always the last to rise, sleeping soundly on his cozy little bed, right next to me, until the last gun is fired. We searched the house high and low, but couldn't find him, and then we walked into the garage and there he was at the rear of my car:

concentrating on the words on my bumper sticker. He's that kinda dog you know, very pensive, very peaceful. When will the rest of us learn from our animal friends? Why can't we all get along????? I was reading Thelma Smith's blog the other day, and she has a great link to a source for some wonderful bumper sticker's and tee shirts. Take a look, you, like I, may find several that you just can't live without!

Last year, I posted a picture of this crazy, crazy plant that "blooms" in my garden every Spring. It looks like a monstrous Jack-in-the-Pulpit, but I know that's not what it is. Actually, I once knew the name but I've forgotten. It arrived here as a bonus with a load of Spring flowering bulbs that I had ordered, and I thought it would be interesting to plant. It's quite extraordinary, and I actually look forward to its arrival in the garden:

That's a closeup of the "'blossom"...can you see the flies on it? It must be terribly sweet! Gerrie gave a guess at what it was, but the name didn't sound right to me. My friend Joanie also used to know what it was. Since she doesn't read my blog very faithfully, I'll email her the picture and see what she says. In the meantime, anyone who wants to venture a guess would be most welcome. Here's another shot of it:

I finished my Four Seasons Silk Fusion wallhangings, the first of which I posted a couple of days ago. I wasn't really happy with my "Spring" as it was pretty much a copy of Frieda's piece. So, I fiddled around in my sewing room and came up with this:

At first I had just the three leaves on there, and it was very dull, so then I added the stamped ferns. They weren't very distinctive, so I then stitched around them with gold holoshimmer. I like it now. Wish I had a better shot of it for you.

This is Fall:

I like it best. The leaves, as well as the background, are my own hand-dyed silk fusion. I attached the leaves with holoshimmer (it was on sale this week at Fiber On A Whim) and then needle painted leafless tree forms with more holoshimmer, some in copper and some in a variegated red, gold and blue.

And then there's Winter:

I freeform stitched the snowflakes in gold holoshimmer (what else?) and stitched down the gold leaf inclusions with the same thread.

While we were eating lunch today, a little red fox ran through the yard between our house and the lake. We were so surprised!!! When C first saw the bushy tail, he thought it was our neighbor's cat "Marmalade" but when he came into full view, we both gasped and realized it was not a cat but a fox! I've seen them before on our golf course, but never in our yard!!! YIKES!! I was glad that Sophie, our kitty cat, was inside!

I've finished beading "Poppy Refelctions" and will complete the quilting tomorrow. I'm seriously thinking of mounting it on some stretcher frames. There was a good reference to this technique on the QA List this week, but if anyone has any other suggestions on how to do it, please let me know. I'm all ears, as I've no experience with this. My one thought was to stretch a piece of dyed silk over the frame and then mount the finished quilted piece (maybe by tacking it?) onto the silk. Would that work???

Over the past couple of weeks I've gotten back into silk painting, and am finding a real love for it once more! This thrills me!!! I'm using some water soluble gutta from ProChem and some new (to me) silk dyes by DuPont. They are terrific and I am so thrilled that I have come across them in my reading. Maybe I'll have a pic of my latest piece for you tomorrow???

So, I guess this says it all:

If not: