Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's Up?

Gerrie emailed me yesterday and said that there wasn't a spot for comments on my blog. I'm not sure what happened, but we'll see if it continues. I did go to my settings and reset the comment portion, and all seemed fine, but still there was no comment spot available. Hmmmmm.....and I just know how many of you want to leave comments!!! LOL

We've had a fine, fun day in the city. It began with a walk over to Trader Joe's to get some Greek style yogurt for my breakfast. It was 8:45, and as you all know (but we did not), TJs doesn't open until 9:00. So, we headed off to Piedmont Park to take in the Green Market. It was a lovely walk, with nice clean cool air (53) and no wind. We found some lovely succulent plants for our patio at the Urban Gardener's table. They also had this bumper sticker, which I have been coveting for several months now:
That will go nicely with my End This Endless War sticker, don't you think? Then we found our favorite Breadgarden lady and she lead us down the path to a bit of sinful eatery: C got a bear claw and I got a cheese much for the yogurt and granola breakfast!
We walked up to the High Museum to see the newest exhibit:
I'm so thrilled that the High is taking this on!!!
First we were mesmerized by the works of Annie Liebovitz:
What a great eye she has, and what an interesting story. Her family shots and those of Susan Santog are really quite moving. I'm so glad that this show will be here all summer, as I want to go back and see it at least one more time.
I was not prepared to enjoy the paintings of Cecilia Beaux as much as I did. I have always loved the works of the French Impressionists, but knew nothing of Miss Beaux. Another interesting story, and some beautiful pieces.
After a late lunch at my favorite MetroFresh, C dropped me of at the Chico's in Virginia Highlands, while he went off to run other errands....isn't he a dear? I had about an hour to entertain myself, and I did quite well!

I got these two tops, which I hope you can see, go very nicely together, but each can also hold its own alone beautifully. Chicos is featuring a lot of chocolate (or mahogany?) this summer, and that is a great color for me. The turquoise top is elaborately embroidered and beaded, which just adds to its charm. The chocolate top also has beads, but they are very subtle.

Somehow I also managed to come away with a lovely pair of chocolate gauchos that have a bit of white detail on them. It just so happens that I already have a great Chico's white sequined tank top that gets along famously with the pants and turq top! Look:

So after a light dinner, we are off to the Fox to take in Alison Krause's show! It's a fun, fun day!!! Hope your's is too!!!



Gerrie said...

Oh, look! I can leave a comment. I need to get to Chico's for some new summer duds!

Rayna said...

I had the no comments problem, too. It was, of course, a BLOGGER problem. Now I don't have the ability to quick-edit from my posts. For free take, for buy - no want.

eva said...

Happy Birthday Judy!
Hugs from your Swedish relatives!

XO Eva