Thursday, May 31, 2007

Warts 'N' All

You probably knew where I was headed yesterday when I blogged the photos of the background below. It was begging for some animation, so this morning it got it:

I had originally thought I would entitle this piece "Denizons of the Deep", but then after spending quite a few hours beading these silly critters, "Warts 'N' All" seemed much more appropriate. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over.

I found that I could catch up on a few dvd's that I had been wanting to watch while I beaded...that was a treat. It felt rather decadent to be sitting there in my sewing room actually handsewing in the middle of the afternoon. I got to watch a lot of the Swedish cooking dvd by Tina Nordstrom that my cousin Eva sent me. It is terrific! I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it is thankfully in English, but the scenery is almost as much fun to view as the cooking. I hope I can find copies of the recipes at the website. Thanks again, Eva!!

Kristin and Dave had wrapped a recent gift for me in some lovely paper and I saved it because I thought that it might make a nice silk scarf. Here is my adaptation:

I just love all of the color! On a little more subdued note, I painted this one last evening. The combination of the turquoise, royal blue and chartreuse is rather refreshing in the summer heat, don't you think?
Both scarves were both done on silk crepe de chine, using DuPont dyes.


joyce said...

Warts and all is a perfect name for those cute little beaded frogs. The scarves are wonderful too.

Rayna said...

Judy, you are just too productive for words - and the scarves are beautiful! I am sitting and staring into space, which is just what I need right now - LOL.

Oh, and I like your new blog header.

Sue B said...

Judy those scarves are fantastic. I love the colors in the second one and that first one makes me thing of cold sherbert on a hot summer day. Gorgeous!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Love the "froggis"!
Glad you enjoyed the DVD.
Here's a link to Tina. Tina


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Me again with a "new" link you have to copy and paste into your browser :/


Diane said... do not pass out....but I now have an identity! The scarves are lovely, of course I adore the blue one and your frogs are very cool!!
Let's see if this actually gets posted...